Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanks and Giving

This year, a quiet Thanksgiving at home afforded me the opportunity to focus on what I am doubtless to recount are the many blessings that my family and I have experienced this year. Most pressing of which would be the current recovery of my husband from shoulder surgery this past Tuesday. He had a tear repaired (a Bankart tear of his left shoulder) that we have been waiting to correct for quite some time now, and this week proved to be the best of our options to accomplish the mending that was so desperately needed. He has been feeling well and recovering day by day, though it is a process we know will take a moderately extensive length of time.
The time at home was precisely what the doctor ordered and it was a blessing to not have to worry about traveling; our family came to us. The day was spent visiting, eating, and drinking – all three of which seemed to lend themselves agreeably to jovial conversation and satiated appetites. Cutter proudly displayed each and every one of his parlor tricks (a few times in fact) and pleased the attending fan club. Not to be outdone, his cousin Charlie served as his lovable and cuddly sidekick and the two of them fashioned more laughter and amusement than should be legally allowed in one day.

Traditionally, Thanksgiving would not be complete were it not for the perils of deal-grabbing shopping more commonly known as Black Friday. Each year I am lured out of my bed by the glossy circulars that promise deal upon earth-shattering deal, each with increasing levels of that enviable wow factor. This year was no different though my body in no way had a chance to be lured out of any warm, cozy bed. No, this year, the stores in my plan of attack opened at midnight thus admonishing me to forgo sleep altogether.

Though I did not have near the list of ‘must-haves’ that I have in the past, the sales did not dishearten my Christmas spirit in the least and I was convinced wholeheartedly that each purchase was not only worth staying up until three o’clock am, but that I was a veritable swindler. My paltry exchange seemed never to merit the bounty I was rewarded with.

The success of Black Friday 2011 is proven in the now (nearly) complete Christmas shopping. Another Thanksgiving sated with immeasurable thanks and joyful giving.
Sold American.

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