Thursday, October 13, 2011

22 weeks

I had a check-up this week at 21weeks5days. With Cutter, this appointment also fell at exactly 21weeks5days (and with the same doctor in my practice no less) – so I’ve been enjoying comparing the statistics between the two.
Cutter’s heart rate was 144 bpm, and baby girl was 148 bpm. My blood pressure with Cutter was 108/68 and this check-up was 110/60. I weighed 10 pounds heavier with Cutter (thank you, thank you, thank you) and was feeling no pain.
With this pregnancy I have been experiencing a discomfort both in my lower back and stomach region. It hasn’t been unbearable but a discomfort I was accepting as part of pregnancy. Upon my description to my gyno however, she felt strongly that what I felt was actually a hernia – or in pregnancy terms – abdominal wall separation. The back pain is symptomatic of the separation itself.
The good news is that while it can be uncomfortable, there are no pressing health concerns for me or for the baby. The prescription so to speak, is a more cautious and judicious attitude towards what I endeavor to accomplish. Regrettably, one of those feats would be lifting and carrying Cutter around. It has been hard to hear him repeat ‘Up!’ ‘Up!’ and not comply, but he is adapting acceptably and realizing that holding hands works just as well.
This also will fast forward our timeline for transitioning Cutter to a bed as lifting him in and out of a crib morning and night are somewhat against doctor’s orders.
Baby girl remains just that, baby girl. We are furiously proffering names back and forth and have yet to agree wholeheartedly on one choice. I hope to decide soon, for her sake and for mine.

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