Sunday, September 11, 2011

Women of Faith

Yet again it would appear that my blogging has taken a backseat to the reality of my ever busy days. I attribute this latest lapse to the beginning of the fall season and thus the beginnings of a new – well – pretty much everything. Though Cutter is not in school, it has been clear that with the start of the school year, so too starts a new schedule and we are just beginnint to adjust to that new normal.
Last week was admittedly one of catch-up as I had referenced from our previous power outage. I finally caught up with laundry and overall cleaning, only to start all over again today. Read: Life.

I spent Friday and Saturday in the city (Philadelphia) attending the Women of Faith Conference with 10,000 other women. This was my first conference and I was blown away by the ridiculously talented worship team, the saturated speakers that dripped theological goodness, and most of all, the bonds I created with the women alongside of me. Spending time away from my family was tough and I am so thankful for my husband for encouraging me to go while he held down the fort, but feeding my soul with some girl time was exactly what I needed. If you have not gone I highly suggest attending – you will be richly blessed by these women and what they have to share. They tour across the country, and already have the dates published for their 2012 tour. I’ve linked to the Conference so you can see the line-up in detail, but highlights included Sheila Walsh, Tim Hawkins, and Angie Smith (as a blogger I was so glad to see her included).

One of the most impressionable moments of the conference was Natalie Grant’s session, as she led all 10,000 of us in an A cappella rendition of “It Is Well with My Soul.” Simply heartwarming – I have to imagine that is what heaven will be like. Tens of thousands of God’s children standing arm to arm singing to His wondrous face, giving Him all the glory. Utter perfection.

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