Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer memory

The change of the season, and the sudden growth of my child's feet led to our latest need, that of new shoes for Cutter. His Crocs were a summer standby that I will sorely miss. Honestly, these rubber clogs will forever remind me of this summer and all that we did together. I'm going to have a hard time packing these away.

Yes, I captured their essence for all eternity to remember this summer by. It was only fitting.

I blithely decided we would head to the mall, pick out new shoes, and be done with the ordeal. *hahahahaha*

This momma forgot that the end of August is back to school shopping time, and every. single. mom. had the same idea for her school-age children. There were at least three families in front of us, the most recent including five children. I dug my heels in, determined not to change my plan, and we (patiently) waited our turn. Cutter was a saint as we waited (read: ran around, read books, climbed on the displays, ate cheerios off of the floor, made googly eyes at the little girl across the room, etc.) for over an hour to get fitted and choose our fall sneakers. It truly was not all that bad, I was more upset with myself for not taking into consideration the back to school rush of the rest of the world.

We left with these two beauties in tow and I daresay though they were not our original choices, they scream, "I'm a rambunctious, growing toddler," velcro and all. I am so ready for fall.

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