Wednesday, August 10, 2011

18 months.

Prepare for the clichés. How can my baby be only half of a year away from turning two? Where did the time go? He’s changing so fast. I wish I could bottle him up and remember these days forever.

Phew. Glad that’s out of the way.
Cutter at 18 months old you are:
-          Jumping (at least your version) and dancing to any and all kinds of music.
      It remains your true love.
-          Making a lot of different vowel sounds and experimenting with different consonant and vowel combinations. In the past month I swear I have heard you say: water, oh geez, please.
-          Enjoy pointing out the parts of your body (especially your hair) and telling me the sounds of animals. For now we have chicken and duck down pat.
-          A big imitator. If you see someone do something you want to try it and usually can repeat it on the first try. You can figure everything out. It’s ridiculous – there is no fooling you.
-          Beginning to play pretend. Spending a week with your cousin helped a lot in this regard and you started bringing us a spoon to pretend eat while you smacked your lips.
-          Climbing, climbing, climbing. Did I mention climbing? Oh my word.
-          Growing up entirely too fast. Just this week you have decided that bottles aren’t for you and you now take your morning and evening milk in a cup with a straw. You have also shown a greater interest in feeding yourself with your fork and spoon. Just tonight you asked to sit at the table with the tray off of your highchair. You just want to be a part of the family and sit with everyone else.
-          Bath time is still your favorite and if Daddy asks you to pick out your Elmos you run to the bathroom to get ready.
-          In love with your puppy stuffed animal. Bunny seems to have taken a backseat at the moment.
-          Getting a lot of scraped knees. You are go, go, go and rarely stop for me to even look at them. If you cry it’s only ever momentary.
-          Recognizing Gramie’s car – the other day we were out and you saw a Honda CRV and got very excited and I had to break the news that it wasn’t Gramie’s car.
-          Recognizing shapes and some colors.
-          In love with tractors and all things with wheels.
-          Still a fan of Disney Junior and Sprout in the morning.  Favorites are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Play with Me Sesame, and Word World.
-          Still biting and at times intentionally so. Oy. You have a very bad anger streak and when you are mad, you are one feisty little boy. I fear the terrible twos. Lately when I tell you no or ask you not to do something, you immediately get angry and bang your head on whatever is nearby.
-          Your favorite toys are any trucks or cars (especially the matchbox cars from your cousin), your Melissa and Doug Farm, and any and all of your books. You still love to read and I pray that stays with you.
3 meals and 2 snacks a day
Going to bed at 7 pm and up for the day by 7 am
Napping from 12 – 3pm
In size 12 month bottoms and 18 month tops
Size 4 diapers during the day and size 5 at night

Cup of milk in the morning and at night, and sippy of water throughout the day
*18 month check-up is next week for weight and height
Celebrated your first trip to Tennesee by screaming in the car most of the way, and met your cousin, Addalie for the first time.
Enjoyed your first visit to Mommy and Daddy's alma mater - Kutztown University.
Again, this month has impressed me with all of your changes, and I suppose it is because so many of them have happened just this week. As much as I have wished you could be done with the bottles when you wake up and when you go to bed, I just can’t believe how easily you transitioned away from it. I shouldn’t be surprised – every change you have made you have done on your own when you were ready, without pressure from me, simply guidance. I am so proud of you for taking these steps on your own and helping me to see when you were ready.  
Today was a day where I couldn’t thank God enough for being your mom and being able to spend every day at home with you. At one point this afternoon we laid down in the grass to look up at the trees and the clouds in the sky, and you voluntarily laid your head on my chest and gave me a hug. It wasn’t long, but your affection towards me was so tender. It is those moments that I cling to when the days are hard and I’m exhausted and think that I just can’t do this anymore.
And to think, in just 6 more months you will be 2 years old – and I will be a mommy again.
It’s amazing what time can do.


Julie and Stephen said...

Had to comment on the head-banging, Benjamin used to do that at the same age. I thought something was wrong with him for awhile. Once I knew it was normal, I found it kind of funny. I imagined trying that whenever I'm frustrated at work-just banging my head on the wall in the middle of a meeting...

lauren said...

Julie- I am convinced our kids are exactly the same. I hope you're keeping detailed notes for me :)