Monday, June 13, 2011

House Projects

This past spring my honey-do list swelled considerably so, mostly due in part to toddler curiousities. Seeing things through the eyes of a three-foot wonder unearths dangers lurking at nearly every turn. Though Steve and I are decidedly calm and cautious in our parenting approach, there were some eyesores that merited immediate attention once our crawling fool turned walking professional.

The loft above our kitchen serves as our makeshift office and library area, and most notably is home to our laptop computer. In order for Cutter to be in that room with us safely, we decided to take down the far railing and instead add a half wall.

Loft with framing; railing removed
Half wall installed
Many other projects made the list that were simply necessary - and long overdue. New doors for the bathroom and the laundry room, painting the living room, painting the temporary bedroom of my grandfather for his hip recovery, and repurposing a quilt rack into a stand for a mirror in our bedroom.

Living in a nearly sixty-year old home I am quite aware of the constant upkeep that is necessary to maintain a home, and fully anticipate a summer and fall full of just as many - if not more - projects.

Painting Pop-Pop's temporary bedroom

His recovery room at home

New door to the laundry room - beautifully stained

Mirror Complete

Painting the living room

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Julie and Stephen said...

And there it is-the wall. Odd how we both literally built walls for our toddlers:-)