Saturday, June 11, 2011

Babies and Beaches

My heart is full tonight.

Today, I reveled with my sister at a baby shower thrown by her in-laws to mark the imminent arrival of her soon to be cherub. A feminine powerhouse to be sure, testosterone was notably missing from the day. Delectable sandwiches and pastries aplenty were shared and devoured by mostly all. My niece or nephew (as yet unknown) now possesses a burgeoning wardrobe of turtles and frogs, the likes of which I have never seen. The gender neutral selections are paltry at best these days.

While I remained utterly saturated in womanly chit-chat, imbibing drinks and food aplenty, issuing 'ooh' after 'ahh' – my husband and son were basking in the rays of the Jersey Shore. Not one to let a chance for excitement and adventure pass him by, on a whim Steve informed me he would gladly take Cutter to the beach for the day to partake in some bonding of the male variety.

My son, and husband for that matter, are beach lovers by nature and I for one, am not an aficionada of sand – gritty, get-in-every-crevice-in-your-body sand. I love the beach and to walk in the sand , but when it gets on me, and stays on me, I have issues. Thank heaven for my playful and endearing husband. I love him dearly.

He loaded Cutter in the car around 6 am (seeing as how today he chose to awake –for the day – at 3 am) and I bid them adieu and went back inside realizing that I could get dressed for the baby shower without someone handing me five different shoes to wear, or repeatedly asking me to open and shut the closet door. Bliss, I tell you.

Cutter briefly napped in the car, but Steve assured me he had nary a whimper or fuss the entire day. The child was simply in heaven. He had his Daddy all to himself, the entire beach as his personal playground, the ocean as his occasional refreshment, and cranberries and goldfish for the consuming. Life doesn’t get much better than that, folks.

It is days like these that I am so thankful for the balance that Steve and I bring to our family as father and mother, and for the wonderful memories we are creating with our son. I am glad that they had a Daddy-son day, all to themselves. And even more thankful that my husband knew how much I would appreciate seeing the photographic evidence of our son’s joy.


Jase and Melissa said...

I remember when you guys were just looking forward to these days...several months before his arrival, when we sat on the beach in OCNJ. Crazy how time flies

Anonymous said...

Your posts always find a way of making me weepy. What a wonderful family you have with such a sweet little joy-cutter.
Jenny Lang

The Drakes said...

These pictures are precious and I just love reading about your family! What a witness to God's goodness:)