Friday, May 6, 2011

My Mommy

My mom and I at my sister's wedding
With the advent of Mother’s Day upon us, I find no better time than the present to wish my mother the happiest of Mother’s Days. Quite simply, she is like no other.

She has been many things to me over my twenty-eight years, not the least of which is my friend.

Through the trepidation of elementary school; taking that first step onto the yellow school bus, through the never-ending horrors of hormonal girls in middle school, onward to high school where relationships, academics, and friendships all seemed life-ending. I thank you, always, for giving me perspective and reminding me that it will get better before I’m married.

I thank you for continuing to love me and challenge me, for sending me away to college when it was certainly the hardest thing that either one of us ever had to do; for talking, supporting, and listening to me opine about my latest and greatest. For loving me when at times I felt as if no one else did. For shepherding my heart towards the Lord, and for standing by me when I publicly confessed my faith in Him.

I thank you for crying with me and hugging me, for smiling with me and grumbling with me.

I thank you for giving me confidence to be a woman as God made me, for wholeheartedly supporting my every waking breath.

I thank you for giving me into the arms of my husband, and welcoming him into your own; for long talks and cooking advice, for supporting my hobbies and encouraging me to grow.

I thank you for welcoming me back into your home with nary a beat missed, for serving as my second confidante in this life, for standing next to me and never leaving as I breathed life into this world, and for loving my son as if he were your own.

Can I thank you? Not really, never – I can only seek to love you ever more.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.
From the one who called you, Mommy.

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