Tuesday, May 10, 2011

15 months.

What a day to write a 15 month post! Since waking at 2:30 am this morning with screams that would not and could not be denied – Cutter, you have insisted on celebrating every possible second of this day it would seem. Thankfully, sleep did invade your crib around 9:30 am, but in the wake of your fierce determination to avoid sleep at all costs – your father and I are left today with groggy auras surround us. Forgive me in advance for my less than stellar writing as it were, today.

15 months old. I think that sounds a heck of a lot younger than I feel you are, now. From 14 months to 15 months so much has changed, and of course it is all in development and advancement of your little mind and body.

Cutter, at 15 months old you are:

- Talking a lot more this month – saying Jason, balloon, bubba, please, dirty (with a British accent nonetheless)

- Realizing that you can stomp your feet

- Throwing some wicked temper tantrums

- Still biting, but not as often

- Exploring every inch of this property (inside and out)

- Demanding, VERY demanding.

- Have been brushing your teeth since Christmas

- Now have 4 molars – making 12 teeth total.

- Finally got rid of your ear infections. The second round of antibiotics did it.

- This month you spent a lot of time with Stella and it was an adjustment. At first you were very excited over her presence, and you still are, but lately you are less than thrilled when my attention is focused on her and not you (insert biting, temper tantrums here). You are very sweet with her though and love to look for her belly, give her kisses, poke her (lovingly), and bring her blanket to her when she is crying. Someday you will make a very caring big brother.

- Have been going to bed around 6:30 pm and waking up around 6-6:30 am. You are exhausted come bedtime and just cannot make it that extra half hour most nights. You are still taking two naps a day, though I think those days are quickly coming to an end.

- You have developed a cheesy, toothy grin that speaks total toddler to me.

- You learned Ring around the rosy and promptly fall down when Grammie says, “ashes, ashes

- You blow kisses.

- You no longer use your sound machine to nap with. This is admittedly of my own choosing but I just couldn’t seem to part with the rainforest playing in the background for your naps! You could have cared less when I stopped playing it for you and there was no transition at all – I simply stopped and you paid no never mind.

Stats: Still around 20-21 pounds (our official check-up is next week)
         Wearing size 4 diapers during the day and size 5 at night
          Size 18 month clothes with mostly 12 month pants.

You are still taking a bottle when you wake up and to go to bed at night. You have sippies of water and milk throughout the day.

More often than not you eat what we are eating for dinner. You had your first taste of ice cream at Uncle Jason’s birthday party and were unimpressed. New favorites include strawberries, chocolate chip cookies (treats from Easter and Mother’s Day), breakfast bars, dried cranberries, dried apricots. I have felt very un-inventive with food this past month so I fear you have fallen into a boring routine. Next month we step it up a notch since we’ll have a wealth of fresh foods available to us as farmer’s markets and our garden produce in earnest.

A sample menu at this stage of the game:

Breakfast - we’ll have a combination of eggs, toast, oatmeal and fruit.

Lunch - we have yogurt, a vegetable, some fruit, and usually home hummus on toast.

Snacks - we have raisins, any Plum pouch varity, dried cranberries, graham crackers, or an applesauce blend. We tried goldfish but you just suck the salt off and spit them out.

Dinner - I try to stick to a hard-boiled egg, veggie, protein (chicken, fish, ground beef) and fruit for dessert. I’ve gotten over my fear of giving you anything tomato-based (enter reflux fears) and you have done well with what I have given you.

Of course all of this is more for my own record-keeping than anything else, but oh Cutter how I enjoy walking through each stage of your life with you. I am learning right along with you, and praise be to God we are both extremely patient with one another. I am so thankful for the warm weather to be able to get outside with you and just let you explore one thing after the other. You are curious to a fault, but ever so inquisitive and insightful with what you learn.

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