Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Weekend

Part 1: Good Friday.

Our Easter weekend was fantastic. I really could not have asked for a better three days spent with my family.

Steve had off on Friday (and deservedly so, his days have been longer the past few weeks) and we had predetermined that no matter what we did - we would be doing it together. We had hoped for an outdoor kind of day, but mother nature did not oblige and so we purposed to expose Cutter to yet another family tradition - egg dyeing. At all of two months old, he was a little too young last year to partake and so this year would be his first egg dyeing experience. I assure you, he did not disappoint in the least.

His Aunt Spoon joined us for the hand-staining event, and while Mommy seemed to momentarily lose her common sense (it happens more often than I'd care to admit), egg dyeing commenced with shrieks or rather, sucks of joy.

Yes, my child endearingly sucked every egg dry. He would drop it in the cup of dye, we'd swirl it around for it to get some color, and then when I pulled the egg out for him to 'ooo' and 'ahh' over the color change, he promptly grabbed the egg and sucked off the vinegar. And not just once, but with every egg he dyed. Not surprisingy, I was a little taken aback - but truth be told he loved it, and who am I to withhold pleasure from a fifteen month old? Give the kid a little vinegar and he's happy. Lesson learned.

About to digest some vinegar.

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