Friday, April 29, 2011

The Duke and Duchess

Royal Wedding coverage invaded our morning; Cutter and I watched while cuddled on the bed together, as he enjoyed his morning bottle.

It was a day ripe with history to be sure, and I wanted Cutter to see it even if he would have no recollection of such. Though I wasn't born yet when Princess Diana and Prince Charles were wed - Prince William and I were born in the same year and he was admittedly a teenage crush of mine.

Cutter's favorite part of the morning were the horses escorting the carriages - he gleefully pointed at the television with shrieks of joy. Mine was certainly the dress that the now Duchess wore. It's hard not to watch such a Royal festivity and not want to do my wedding all over again. Not only for the celebration, but for the decisions as well. I do love the dress that I chose for my wedding day, but I can't say as I wouldn't choose something different if I had to do so again. The lace detail, the pleated skirt, and beautiful veil were all stunning on Kate and would serve as inspiration for a dress I would pick today.

I realize it all seems trivial, but it is fun to watch something so festive and happy. A celebration of love is beautiful to watch no matter who the bride and groom may be. I wish them all the best in their life together.

*Who knew I named Cutter into royalty? William Arthur Philip Louis, perhaps Cutter Sean Patrick has Prince in his future?

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