Monday, March 28, 2011

If I had a hammer... (pictures included)

The adage is true; Like Father, Like Son.

In the course of our Ikea shopping trip yesterday (we snagged this lovely), we happily discovered this cloth tool belt. Though its presence in our house has just passed the twenty-four hour mark, Cutter has worn it with both pride and insistence; emulating Daddy with each swing of the hammer.

There has never been a more handsome wearer of polyester, I do declare.


sweetbabygiggles said...

Great highchair! A friend of ours has it too (bought it for her 4th child, and she swears it is the best highchair ever made! And the toolbelt! I am melting into a puddle from the cuteness!!!

Julie and Stephen said...

THAT is adorable. I love it when little kids model adult activities :-)