Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This past Sunday afforded us the opportunity to expose Cutter to art - at none other than the Philadelphia Museum of Art. A college friend of mine lives in the city and she met us for an afternoon of sculptures, Shaker chairs, Arms and Armor, and paintings aplenty.

Recently, my Uncle was featured in an art exhibit at Bryn Mawr Rehab (Art Ability). His art was selected from that show to be displayed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. He was humbled to say the very least, and we were able to view his work while we visited on Sunday. I took a few pictures of his sculptures, though regrettably my Aunt has the one of all of us together on her camera. Having known my Uncle for as long as I have, I am quite aware of his imagination and penchant for creative story telling and caricature drawings. This is, after all, the Uncle who took me on a hike through our back woods and encouraged me to make stew out of acorns, moss, and sticks - and then encouraged me to eat it so that I might taste the goodness of said stew. This is also the Uncle who bakes pumpkin pies each and every Thanksgiving and affixes a caricature usually depicting the death and gore of a monster or other imagined creation. Oh, to be a boy.

However, his gift in this medium (i.e. up-cycled scrap metal) is unparallelled and is one that I am quite proud of. Did I mention that my Uncle has his art on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art!? Pride is brimming within me!

After our time at the Museum we took advantage of the sunshine, though not warm temperatures, and walked down by the Waterworks. The views were gorgeous as was the company, and plans were set in place to come back once the weather was a bit milder and the wind was absent.

It was a rejuvenating Sunday of the mind and spirit - thanks to the sermon in the morning - and a great start to our week.

Snippet from the morning's service:  "Allow Him to show you that, despite your past or present issues, or current sense of inadequacy (spiritual and otherwise), His grace, mercy, forgiveness and power -- His adequacy -- can enable you to be a true champion in the Kingdom of God" -Pastor Tom Walsh of Church of the Saviour

All four of his pieces on display for all to see

The flowers with hummingbird on the left is my personal favorite,
though 'Friendly Dragon' on the far right above takes a close second

He enjoyed the hanging mobile in the Atrium

View of the Schuylkill from the Art Museum - a bride's mecca

Amazing architecture

The gorgeous company I kept

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DCB said...

I had a wonderful time at the museum with all of you! Your Uncle is incredibly talented. I would LOVE to have his flower sculpture all to myself.