Monday, February 14, 2011

Who do you love?

Oh, Valentine's Day, how I love thee! I blame it on my extensive years of employment at the establishment of all that embodies Valentine's Day - Hallmark. You just can't help but embrace the spirit of love when your very existence depends on just how many cards you can convince the populace that they need. You see there's the obvious; husband, son, mother, father in-law, even cousin. Then there are the valentines for your cat, your hairdresser, your neighbor's father, your cousin once removed - all neatly titled and arranged for you to find in the store. Any excuse for hearts, pink, and love - and I am all over it. Valentine's Day easily wins the title of second favorite holiday (second only to Christmas, of course).

Cutter sent valentines to his friends this year and I am remiss that we didn't get to make them by hand. The party was a tad too close to the holiday this year, and so we have next year to make some very special valentines together.

We celebrated today with a fashionable outfit (I'm speaking of myself of course), some special valentine's day books, and a tablescape that was simple but filled my quota of valentine craft for the day.

My special valentine and I shared storytime together at the library, and then he treated me to a latte since all of my friends took my sarcasm to heart and showered me with Starbucks gift cards at my son's fete this past weekend. Truly, better friends, there are not to be found.

My lover valentine and I exchanged cards and sentiments and relished in our family. We are so very blessed.

Happy Valentine's Day!
My special Valentine
Leftover from the party; put to good use

A magnet from my mother in-law

Lovebirds - part of our Valentine's Day table

Have a cupcake!

My Cutterbug

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