Monday, February 14, 2011

Cutter is One

A gathering of Cutter’s nearest and dearest fan club was held this past weekend at what can best be described as a ballpark masquerading as a birthday locale. Complete with baseball fare (hot dogs, soft pretzels, Cracker Jack, and sunflower seeds), uniform-clad babes, and autographs aplenty, we celebrated the inaugural of Cutter’s first year of life. We transformed our home as best we could to resemble a ballpark and I daresay we succeeded exceedingly in doing so.

The theme was carried throughout and details were paid heavy attention to. The day could not have been more perfect. For once the sun decided to grace us with its presence, and with it brought over forty “members” of said fan club. Loved? Understatement of the year, I tell you.

The revelry was both joyous and generous and there was not a moment that my heart did not swell with pride over my son.

He was slumbering as babies do, and quite deeply at that when the party started. Many a well-meaning fan urged me to wake him, but I thought it best to let sleeping babes lie – at least for an hour, after which I did wake him to greet his enthusiasts. He was well rested and happy when he awoke to find so many friendly faces awaiting him. We put him in his highchair for the piece de resistance (read: cake) and I will admit to being worried about his reaction to having so many people singing at him. Much to my astonishment he merely smiled and danced in his seat, as carefree as could be. I love him so much. Steve and I helped to blow out the candles and then let him have the cake for himself. He was unsure at first, scooping up tiny pieces of icing and handing them to myself or Steve, but eventually he did take a few bites and began to enjoy it. He didn’t eat much of it, but the poor thing ended up giving it all back to his Aunt a little bit later. To be fair he has never had sugar (I know!) and I think it just didn’t sit well with him. He certainly relished in consuming it.

I shared a video of pictures of the past year set to some of Cutter’s favorite music and we had it playing in the background for most of the party. It was a decidedly emotional viewing of which tissues were on hand (and not just for me).

I truly cannot believe that one year ago we were just coming home with him from the hospital, nervous new parents afraid of every cry and sigh we heard. He (and we) has changed so incredibly much since that day. I cannot even fathom what he will look like and act like at his second birthday. Plans are in the works --

Happy Birthday Cutterbug!

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sweetbabygiggles said...

Beautiful job! Looks like everyone had a blast! Happy birthday again, Cutter!