Thursday, February 24, 2011

Welcome Home

My mother spent the last week visiting my grandparents at their condo down in Florida. My grandmother sent this postcard to Cutter a few weeks ago; the inlet can be seen from their porch. The blue water is just killing me right now. I am so ready for spring; summer really.

Yesterday I went to pick my mother and her sister up from the airport and welcomed them home to lingering snow and frigid temperatures - a far cry from the high of eighty degrees they experienced daily in the citrus capital of the world. No empathy there - none.

Cutter's face brightened immediately when he saw his Gramie outside the car, and when she sat down next to him in the car his smile was incredibly infectious; we all missed her this past week. Knowing the way to her grandson's heart, my mom fed Cutter his lunch in his carseat on the ride home which he appreciated immensely.

Once home, my mom and I exchanged embraces and I realized she had made some appropriate retail purchases in my absence - a black leopard jacket - not to be confused with her yellow leopard jacket of course. It's good to have you home, Mom.  I missed you.

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