Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Please, do Touch.

Much to my surprise Steve had the day off on Monday (to celebrate our country's celebrated and revered Presidents) and so we capitalized on the 'free' day and took Cutter to the Please Touch Museum. We had my brother for the day and he joined in the fun as well.

Due to the holiday there was quite a swollen crowd of children and their parents, but it wasn't any worse than I had thought. It is a museum for children, after all. I've never seen such an array of strollers in my life - all brands, shapes, and sizes. I almost wish I had perused there before our purchase since I stared uncontrollably at every stoller I passed when making our decision to purchase our Uppa (which I still believe is our best and most practically useful baby purchase). I digress.

There were a number of exhibits geared specifically towards children under 3, and Cutter enjoyed the Front Step installment most of all. He spent nearly fifteen minutes planting potatoes; I think I found Steve's garden assistant come this spring.

Water Works, part of their River Adventures series was another great activity that had he been a little taller would have kept him interested for quite a bit longer. One of the older kids launched a boat that splashed him right in the face, but he was none the worse for wear - he is a water lover through and through.

The infamous Carousel was a surprise hit. This was his first Carousel ride and while he seemed a little confused why Daddy was going up and down next to him, he nontheless smiled happily and watched his reflection on the mirrors.

Yellow Crayon!

I need a little more estrogen in my life.

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Julie and Stephen said...

Lauren-My friend and I took Benjamin there a week after his tear duct surgery, such a great time, I remember those exhibits-except the crayon one, is that new? I love that Steve is so involved with helping Cutter plant potatos :-)