Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Pop-Pop

Cutter and Pop-Pop
Almost two weeks ago - the Sunday before last, my grandfather (Pop-Pop) suffered a fall on the ice and broke his hip. He was alone at the time of the fall and as he describes it, he stepped out of his truck and didn't even have one foot completely on the ground before he slipped and fell - under his truck. By the grace of God he had his cell phone on him and was able to call to my Mom for help. She called 911 and an ambulance was to him in minutes.

My parents met him at the hospital and stayed with him throughout the day. It took until late in the afternoon for him to be admitted and brought to a room, but at least by that point he was on strong pain medication to help him deal with his discomfort. It was determined that he had broken his hip and thankfully not shattered it. He would need surgery to repair it, but his heart medication would have to level out before that could happen. That took until Thursday and late that afternoon his hip was operated on and repaired.

Monday morning he was transferred to a local rehab facility (literally within a stone's throw of our house) to begin his road to recovery.

The prayers and gracious support of those both in my own personal life and his have been absolutely paramount to his health, well-being, and recovery. Being close by has afforded him the chance to be visited by friends, church clergy, and of course, family. Many of his past surgeries were down in Philadelphia and were quite a distance to make a daily visit. I know he is encouraged by the fact that he is just next door. I am so thankful for the continued prayer and overall encouragement over Pop-Pop and am anxious to have him home again.

My mom is currently visiting her parents while they are in Florida for the winter months, so with her absence in addition to my grandfather's the house seems eerily quiet, especially during the day. I am used to a bustling, noisy home filled with people! Cutter and I, especially, are used to welcoming Pop-Pop home in the afternoon, catching up on the day, and then watching him build a fire. Then we welcome my mom home and Cutter gives the requisite hugs and kisses and overall swoons that any grandmother pines for. He and I both are missing that these days.

For now the plan is to have my grandfather home by the 26th and I am hoping that remains so. I'm praying for therapy to strengthen his leg so that he can walk home, and that I can see his eyes light up when he sees Cutter (hopefully) walk right up to him. My hope is they can share in that new "first step" together.

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