Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Look, Mommy, Cat! Cat! Cat!...if Cutter could speak I have no doubt I would hear this phrase frequently throughout our day. This picture of this cat brings a smile to his face that no other picture (or person for that matter) can. He knows what page it is on and what book it is in (it's from a set of four baby's first word books).

The following scene should be repeated every 10 seconds for at least five minutes.

Open to page of cat, break into a grin that that spreads from ear to ear, point to cat, look at Mommy to make sure she saw I pointed to the cat, smile, point to cat, say "ssssss", point to cat, look at Mommy, shriek, turn the page so that we can turn back to page of cat and begin all over again.

The best part - we don't have a cat. Just two (big) black dogs.


Anonymous said...

Cutter, although your furry friends consist of Mia and Donovan...your love for a picture book cat cracks me up!

Julie and Stephen said...

We have some cats he can "play" with if he wants to. Benjamin has initiated them into toddler "play." He loves to call them the "la-la's" and says hello and goodbye to them and other things like "silly la-la's" or "no la-la" (after we yell at them for something.) Too cute!

Jase and Melissa said...

This kid just keeps getting cuter!

DCB said...

Sounds like someone needs to visit Philadelphia and the two famous cats!