Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby Food

I have remained diligent in my quest to keep Cutter on a homemade food diet, but with his recent proclivity towards a full social calendar, I’ve found that for travel purposes we lean towards something a little easier to transport than tupperware full of frozen baby food cubes.

These things are quite simply – fantastic. They are a bit pricey for my liking, but I’ve been able to stock up on the last few sales at Babies R Us at a $1/pouch. They are portable, quick, clean, and most important – free of useless chemicals and preservatives. The ingredient list consists of simply the organic components of the cocktail (non-alcoholic I assure you) at hand.

They make lunch on the go a breeze, and most importantly less stressful for me. One of these paired with either a yogurt or toast and we’re good to go. Sometimes we don't even bother with the spoon and just squirt it right in his mouth - even less mess!

At home we stick to homemade food and for the most part have moved away from purees. Occasionally he will eat some squash or apples in that form, but typically desires to feed himself small pieces of whatever it is we are eating. He is quite the independent little man, I assure you.

**Side note: The first couple of times you feed your child these in public be prepared for an onslaught of questioning. I have been asked by incredulous faces what in heaven's name I am feeding my child.
Inquisitive minds need to know.

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sweetbabygiggles said...

I LOVE these, Lauren! We buy the Happy Tot ones as well. Target is running a sale on all of them this week if you are looking to restock. They are also great now that Jack is cutting molars. He winces when he has to chew, so these and Yo Toddler have been Godsends! xoxo Molly