Thursday, January 20, 2011

Today on Martha

Weddings were featured on Martha Stewart's television show, which means my favorite - Darcy Miller made an appearance. Her clothing choices always thrill me, that girl has style. Even though I am not planning a wedding I loved all of the details, customizable pieces, and beautiful gowns featured by Oscar de la Renta.

These awesome save the dates were shown and I loved how practical they were. Oh, Darcy Miller, can I spend a day with you and pick your brain (and tour your office, please!?)

Carte Blanche was featured on the show. This is the second time they have made an appearance and I fell in love with them all over again. From their website:

Carte Blanche is a highly unique revivalist jazz group which delivers a mix of classic American 20's and 30's jazz standards, French, and Latin American music.

Their voices are sultry and the music is simply wonderful. They are my kind of band.


Darcy Miller said...

You can come to my office any time! darcy

lauren said...

Ms. Miller, I am quite taken with your offer and will have to contact your office and make an appointment. (be still my beating heart) Much obliged.