Sunday, January 30, 2011

I love my mom and dad.

And I'm so very glad that they love their grandson so much.

Steve and I have been in need of some alone time - and in a house of seven - that is hard to come by. My parents offered to watch Cutter overnight for us so that we could get out and have a long overdue weekend alone. On Friday night, I put Cutter to bed so that I could kiss those cheeks one last time, and we purposed to focus on our husband and wife relationship over our mommy and daddy relationship. This was the first time that both Steve and I had been away from Cutter overnight, and I was proud of myself for not calling to check-in until around noon the next day. Not surprisingly, Cutter had slept well the night before and was still napping from his 9:30 a.m. lay down. That child has never - NEVER - napped that long for me ever. I told my mom she could put him down for his naps everyday from now on.

The weekend was a great refocus for us as a couple and one that was treasured all the more in light of our recent loss. It brought back memories from our years of dating and made my heart all-aflutter again. I'm ashamed it took us this long to find a weekend to make this happen, but am quite gratiated to my parents to make it work for us. They get the whole 'getting away' bit as they have lived with my dad's parents for their married life. I'm so thankful that they support us in that way.

(more on multi-generational living to come in a future post)

My prince continues to sweep me off my feet, even among all those mounds of snow.

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The Drakes said...

I'm so glad for you guys! This post made me realize how much Blair and I need some time away. If you can believe it we've never done a night away from Ava, only day trips. Maybe this will be the encouragement I need to take the plunge!