Monday, January 3, 2011

Freezer Fix

Organization, sweet music to my ears. The new year means a clean start - and I aim to take that literally. A clean and organized house (and everything in it) makes me one happy girl. If I could spend my non-existent fortunes at places like The Container Store and California Closets, well, there would be no fortunes left.

I decided to start today by organizing Cutter's food in the freezer. He helped, of course, which made the task a bit longer but much more enjoyable. The anal-retentive side of me reared its ugly head and we sorted by food type, and then by fruit, vegetable, and protein. You can laugh at me, it's okay. Organization is my passion above all passions.

I haven't quite decided what to tackle next, but I'm sure it will be something in Cutter's room. Christmas literally threw up in there and it must be reigned in lest it consume Cutter in his sleep.

Sorting into piles - he does love butternut squash

Happiness = One organized freezer

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