Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Birthday Celebration

Today is the occasion of my husband's twenty-ninth birthday. I awoke this morning and as I watched him get ready for the day's work ahead, I silently relished the fact that he has provided for me and our family day in and day out without ever a complaint. After having him home for a week over the holiday, I found that this week I missed him even more when he left for the day. He has staunchly upheld every marriage vow and carried me through times when I felt failure was my only option. He has lovingly served me as my husband, and this past year instilled a sense of pride in my heart as I watched him become a father. Childbirth deepened our relationship in ways we never even thought were possible. Every day this past year I have fallen more deeply in love with the man I fall asleep next to every night. I'm lucky and I'm blessed. We are continually amazed at the intricate patterns of our lives before we even met, and how God used those experiences to prepare each one of us for the life that He had laid out before us, together.

We celebrated the last year of the twenties with a crab feast in Steve's honor. My mother made the meal and decorations, with Cutter's help, and I baked the cake. Seafood and I do not relate well with one another. A culinary masterpiece at its best, my mother ensured that my husband did not starve to death and was well-supplied with leg after leg of crab. My brother and I noshed on salmon while the others enjoyed their sea fare.

Gifts were presented, candles were extinguished, and cake was enjoyed by all.
A truly wonderful twenty-ninth birthday for the man of my dreams - in reality.

A masterpiece.

Presents for birthday boys.

Bib and all.

Enjoyed every last drop.

Singing happy birthday.

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