Monday, December 20, 2010

Siesta Scripture Memory Team 2011

Many of you know of my penchant for Beth Moore. I was first introduced to her many years ago through a bible study at my church. I had heard many of the other women speak highly of her, and once I began the study I quickly realized why. She has an uncanny knack of unpacking some very deep scriptural truths, making you step a bit further out of your comfort zone than you may have felt possible, and all with a hospitable southern appeal that makes your heart sing. Quite simply, I adore her.

She runs her own ministry and keeps quite busy with the tasks associated with such (speaking engagements, book releases, continued bible studies, etc.) and more recently started a blog that has gained a rather large following. I, myself, have been a “follower” almost since its inception give or take a few posts here and there. I happily claim myself as a fellow “siesta” and have enjoyed the community of Christian women that flock to read the latest from Ms. Moore herself.

In 2009, Beth launched what LPM termed, the Siesta Scripture Memory Team. In essence, she challenged these women (myself included) to commit to memory 2 verses a month, so that by the end of the year they would have memorized 24 verses. It was so wildly popular that they held a celebration in January of this year for all the women who succeeded. The catch was you had to recite all the verses to gain entry.

Well, Beth is up to it again this coming year and I have decided it is a perfect opportunity for me to join in. I regretted not doing it before so was happy to have a second chance to be involved. If you remember, in the past I chose verses on my own to memorize. I always did follow through, but this will give me a gentle reminder every month to remain diligent and commit those verses to memory. It’s better to have words of truth loaded up in there so that I can have them at the ready when spiritual warfare ensues.

I am sure I did not do the program justice in my explanation, so here is the link to Beth’s blog entry so that you can get a better idea of the Siesta Scripture Memory Team. Wish me luck in 2011!

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