Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Past

This New Years Eve we will travel to our friend’s home in York, Pennsylvania as we have for the past six years or so. Old habits die hard, I suppose. Steve and I have been ringing in the New Year together in one way or another for the past thirteen years – that’s an awful lot of champagne!

An ode to our past, New Year’s Eve 1999. Ringing in the mighty year 2000 with Sparkling White Grape Juice. As I recall, Steve’s mom picked him up shortly after midnight and Ali and I stayed up half the night with my sister and Jenn dissecting every word he had said and just what it all meant. Oh to be in high school again.


Jennifer said...
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Jennifer said...

Lauren, What a great pic. I remember that night. I think that Erin and I went on the roof to look at fireworks. Mike and I will also we visiting our friends in York, Pennsylvania for the new year. Small world. Hope you have a great New Year's.

lauren said...

It truly feels like yesterday :) I miss those nights with you girls next door - banging on the wall to keep you two quiet! Small world, indeed, my dear.

Jase and Melissa said...

Such a hilarious picture- I feel like Cutter looks like Steve in this picture!! Think about it!