Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Joy on Wheels

I had no idea that a Radio Flyer would be such a hit with this little guy. Ever since his glistening eyes first caught a glimpse of the red goodness on wheels Christmas morning, he has set aside other toys left and right to make his way to the wagon. We've had it in the hallway and in the corner of the living room and without fail, within five minutes he has found and migrated toward said wagon. He likes to stand next to it, sit in it, put his blocks in it, take his blocks out of it, play with the handle, play with the seats, and of course to go for rides around the living room and house in it. Gramie and Grampie, a huge thank you for this gift for your grandson. It is already bringing him hours of entertainment, and I can only imagine how much more fun he will have in the spring when we can venture outside and have some of our very own adventures.   

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