Saturday, December 18, 2010


I was doing so well. I had my Christmas cards sent, almost all of our gifts purchased, Cutter's outfits picked out and set aside, caught up on laundry, house clean, lists made for final preparations and baking - and then Wednesday happened.

Oh, did Wednesday happen.

I woke up early Wednesday morning with a stomach cramp and an overwhelming feeling of nausea. One trip to the bathroom quickly led me to conclude that this would not be the productive day of Christmas shopping that I had anticipated. My husband can sleep through anything (as evidenced through those early months of Cutter's life where he clamied he never heard him crying) and it was my dad who heard me and came to my rescue. He helped me back to my bed and I woke Steve and begged him to stay home from work. He reluctantly said he had commitments that day he couldn't miss, and so I sent him to wake up my mom. I knew there was no way that I could take care of Cutter that day. Quite frankly, vomiting and/or nausea and dizziness are the things that I dread most in life. I will do anything to avoid any and all of the above. Anything.

I spent almost the entire morning sleeping in the hallway outside the bathroom as there was simply no reason to walk back to my bed when in a mere minute more I would need to return. By early afternoon I felt able to at least lay in bed and received a few hours of relief before another round set in.

I tell you, this virus was no joke. My mom called the doctor it was so bad. She assured us that the first twelve hours were the worst, speaking from experience. I lost six pounds (!) in one day - does that give you an idea?

Being sick is never any fun but truly, having your mom take care of you does help. Not only did she care for Cutter all day, but she made sure to take care of me, too. I do love my mom! I found it quite hard not to see Cutter for two whole days. I put him to bed on Tuesday and then didn't see him again until Thursday evening when I ventured out of my cocoon. We wanted to spare him this if we could, and thus far my quarantine seems to have worked.

I lost two days this past week and am finding it quite hard to add those 48 hours back into my week. There is much to be done before Christmas Eve this Friday!

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