Friday, December 10, 2010

Cellular Uploads

Apparently I have a bi-annual tradition of uploading photos from my cell phone to my computer.

Please accept this; my latest installment of what I feel is important enough to get out my cell phone and snap a picture. I would kindly ask that you refrain from all judgments.
I, myself, am amazed at what I felt was shutter-worthy at the time.

A sleeping smile - probably in March

Two other loves of my life

Giraffe and thumb, all he needs. So tiny in this picture!

My man modeling his homemade shopping cart cover this summer


Breakfast at the diner in the fall

At work with Gramie, sending out those invoices

My bundle snug as a bug

Have I mentioned our last name is Longenecker?

This past weekend at Radio City Music Hall

And the best for last - the first day of my little man's life.

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The Drakes said...

I love this post! I think I might do the same on my blog, it is hilarious and neat to see what we found "phone worthy"!