Friday, December 10, 2010

10 months

This month went by ridiculously fast and was a whirlwind of family visits and celebrations.

Cutter celebrated his first Thanksgiving and ate some of the turkey, cranberry and mashed potatoes. I really am looking forward to the day when he can eat more of our table food – I am already amazed at how quickly he has progressed to finger foods so I am sure it will be here before I know it. I am still making his food and enjoying the fact that it is still very doable. My mom and I just went in on a new Cuisinart food processor which will make the food preparation not only more efficient, but well, all that more enjoyable, too.

This past month Cutter showed much more independence in wanting to feed himself and so we quickly turned many of his traditional purees into foods he could manage to pick up himself, as well as introduced a few more to the repertoire (asparagus, kiwi, cooked egg yolk, clementines, flaxseed).

I tried a few more times with yogurt but was not convinced that he can handle the dairy. I’m trying a soy yogurt to see if that will help him any. If not – I am dreading the transition from formula to milk and am preparing myself for the fact he may need soy, rice or other. He loves to eat a shredded rice blend that I got from Wegman’s (similar to shredded mozzarella cheese) and that seems to sit well with him. The yogurt just does not treat him well and I felt terrible the one day that he had eaten it for breakfast.

He will eat just about anything if you cut it up into small pieces for him to feed it to himself. He is slowly but surely letting me know of his readiness for textured foods.

I am really enjoying the interaction with Cutter at this age. I can tell that he understands what I say so I am trying to be more deliberate in the things that I am saying. The child does not like to be told no, and on more than one occasion has looked at me – smiled – and then deliberately continued what he knows is not acceptable behavior. I’m having heart palpitations preparing for the future of temper tantrums. However, it is wonderful to be able to legitimately communicate with him and recognize his grasp of what is going on.

In the 10th month Cutter is:

-Wearing size 9 month clothes, some 12 month
-Wearing size 3 diapers, size 4 at night
-Weighing (I have no idea!)
-Napping twice a day and sleeping 7pm – 7am
-Eating three well-balanced meals a day and taking 4 bottles a day. We’re slowly reducing the bottles to 3 a day with a snack replaced instead
-Fascinated with Christmas lights and snowmen
-Continuing to walk while holding on to the furniture – he will stand alone every now and then when he forgets he can’t!
-Beginning to wave and point to things
-Does not like to be told, “No” – I have had a few glimpses into the future of temper tantrums - oye
-Loves his yellow Kool-Aid spoon
-Loves to hear the itsy-bitsy spider and music in general – he is a very musical baby
-I’m declaring that he said “Santa” the other morning and “Pop-Pop” tonight; I doubt I will hear them again – but I heard them!
-the follicle envy of his (sadly) bald, female counterparts in the church nursery; his hair continues to grow hair at a ridiculous rate and he just had his third haircut
-A happy, happy baby


Celebrated his first Thanksgiving; Visit to his newest girlfriend, Jane; Blood drawn – bottom teeth banged into the top gums and made for quite a scare but all teeth are accounted for and in place; Night away from Mommy (admittedly harder on me than on him).

I have already begun to plan his birthday party in earnest and even have the invitations. Excited? You bet ya!

My sunshine in his chair
 Such a happy boy, he makes me smile so very much
 Standing on every thing that he possibly can

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