Sunday, October 3, 2010

Two truths...

Two truths and a lie – the infamous and albeit obligatory getting to know you game – was one of the most popular methods of introducing new people to one another no matter what setting I happened to be in. I used it in high school, in college, in church, and in bible studies. I never really took issue with the game because I was able to rely on some very deceiving truths of my own. Without fail, I always provided these three statements.

1. I have chickens.
2. I have two different colored eyes.
3. I love Coca Cola.

For those who know me well now, the lie sticks out like a sore thumb, but for those just getting to know me, the lie was always difficult to identify.

I’ll spare you the agony of forever wondering which one is the lie – it is without a doubt number 3. I would not be caught dead drinking Coca Cola. I am a Pepsi girl through and through.

My two truth statements are both statements 1 and 2. Inevitably, someone would always choose statement 1 as the lie to which I would smile and reply – that statement is in fact genuine. I do not live on a farm, but farm animals were very much part of my upbringing. Our family had chickens, sheep, barn cats, and dogs – not to mention a variety of other pets in our home. We would feed the chickens our scraps and in turn we would consume their eggs. I am always asked if we ever killed the chickens to eat them and the answer is no. We still keep chickens and continue to eat their eggs. There is nothing better than a fresh egg from a well-fed, home-raised chicken. The sheep were sheared every year and my Mom spun some of the wool to make yarn and the rest would be sold. Actually, when my Mom was pregnant with me, one of the sheep birthed a lamb and my Mom fed her with a bottle every four hours. When I was a little girl, both of our sheep died but we didn’t get anymore after that. My grandfather always wanted to have a cow to have fresh milk, but they needed more land than we had to graze and set out to pasture.

Statement 2 would throw some for a loop, too, but this is indeed my second truth. I do in fact have two different colored eyes though it is not immediately noticeable to the average onlooker. I am regrettably not one of the rare blue eyed, brown eyed beauties that are out there; but retain two different pigments nonetheless. My right eye is brown with a small pie shape of green on the bottom while my left eye is entirely green. Unless the sunlight is shining directly into my eye you would probably never notice – hence my ability to use it as my failsafe undetectable truth.

Cutter and I were playing around with the camera the other day – because as if you couldn’t tell from all the pictures I post on here – we like to do that sort of thing. I was playing around and for the first few that I took, I misjudged and cropped Cutter right out of it. The next few included both of us together, I assure you. I couldn’t resist the sunlight pouring in the window, natural light makes for some pretty stellar photographs, and so we partook in our own little photo shoot. The light illuminated my eyes just perfectly and since I so rarely get to see that distinction, I fell in love with the photographs.

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