Friday, October 1, 2010

Dreams of a Jason

Totally unrelated to the post - Cutter with his Gramie

This morning, my brother, Jason and I were driving around running some errands together. My mom was having surgery on her ankle, and so were trying to kill some time until she was done and on her way to the recovery room. When I was single and living at home, Jason and I often would go on outings together, just the two of us. Starbucks became a favorite place – we would always stop on the way home from church and I would treat him to a pound cake while I enjoyed my vanilla latte.

This morning was one of those mornings that reminded me of our ritual Sundays, though this time I had another man in the mix, Cutter. We had just stopped at Starbucks and were on our way back home when Jason leaned over and asked if he could tell me something. The look on his face showed a bit of hesitancy.

“You can tell me anything, Jason, what’s up?”

He readjusted in the seat, but I could tell he was determined to tell me what was on his mind.

“I had a really scary dream last night, Lauren.”

Oh boy. I wasn’t sure if I could handle this – was it about Lady’s death, my mom’s surgery today? This week held so much emotional baggage, I didn’t think I could withstand another trial.
“It’s okay, hun, you can tell me. What was it about?”

I braced for the worst.

“Well, it was a long dream and I was so scared when I woke up from it. I dreamt that Daddy was taking apart Pop-Pop’s truck piece by piece, and that he couldn’t get it back together again.”

Really? That was the really scary dream. I had this one in the bag.

“Oh hunny that would never happen! You know that Daddy is so great with trucks and engines and can always put everything back together again. Pop-Pop’s truck isn’t going anywhere, and Daddy has no plans to take it apart, I promise you.”

“I’m so glad to hear that, Lauren. I was really worried. That dream really had me scared. I mean really scared. What would I do without Pop-Pop’s truck?”

And this, my friends, is why I love my brother.

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