Friday, September 17, 2010

Christmas is in 98 days

Just in case you were wondering, Christmas is in a mere 98 days. Panic? Certainly not!

To be fair, I am a planner by nature and will not argue the fact that I have been envisioning our 2010 Christmas card since shortly after Cutter's birth. I know for many of you this is simply ridiculous, but alas it is my thrill.

This is what we would be sending (and you would be receiving) if money were not an option. (Featuring the latest and greatest Longenecker news and a lovely picture of our photogenic family of course).Economic slowdowns, decreased consumer spending, and increased unemployment are here to stay (so it seems) - and so I will not be indulging my compulsive and spendthrift persona, but rather my much more amenable parsimonious and contemplative character instead.

No Erin Condren for me this year.

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