Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Feast

I’m a little rusty. I haven’t written a blog post in months, though I have composed many a post in my mind.

Let’s start light and easy.

Today was my girl’s first official school celebration, the Thanksgiving Feast. Scout is in preschool this year and with it comes all of the traditional childhood experiences; who doesn’t remember singing about pilgrims and Indians while dressed in appropriate garb for adoring parents to fawn over? Can I get a Turkey Dinner up in here?

She has been talking about the Feast for some time, chattering away about the lady pilgrim hat she will wear and the songs she will sing, but ‘shh, Mommy, it’s all a surprise for you!’ She made sure that I knew this day was special to her by telling me, repeatedly, ‘this day is so special to me, Mommy.’

Endearing and utterly precious.

She proudly walked in her classroom wearing her lady pilgrim hat and stood on her line. She sang her songs with a grin plastered to her face, and a heart full of adoration for her teacher. She loves her class and her friends something fierce; she is my social butterfly. After performing, she led us to her seat which was set with a place mat she had made with the things she was thankful for: mommy & daddy, cutter & scout, moxie & ferris, and play. I’m so glad that she has the appropriate priorities of a three year-old girl.  We ate the appropriate fare of turkey sandwiches, popcorn, and school safe brownie bars – the Indians assuredly had such delicacies. She came home and promptly napped the afternoon away, satisfied and full of pride at her special day. 

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