Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Oh, just some pictures.

I promised some pictures of the rooms and though they aren’t great quality I hope that they help to visualize the space.

Starting with the hallway to give you an idea. You come up the stairs to the hallway and to the left is the new playroom and to the right is the new workroom. If you walk down the hallway you’ll pass the bathroom on the left, the kids’ bedroom at the end, and our bedroom off to the right.

Here is the best before shot I have of the workroom. You can see the alcove is the deep red and the other walls and ceiling were the yellow. The original light fixtures are still up.

Here is the latest, though of course things have already changed since this was taken.

This shows the French doors which we will remove and install windows instead. There’s an alcove off to the right of the doors. The walls are painted Dove White by Benjamin Moore and the ceiling is white.  All new doors were put on and/or painted white, and all the trim was painted white as well.

We added the light fixture which was a concession on my part. I wanted a larger fixture but when it came down to it, the space is so small and my husband so tall, that a smaller and shallower fixture won out. It’s a simple fixture. We switched out the shade to appease my desires for a clear globe. We still have to add the wall sconces and will update the hall lights as well to coordinate. In this picture there is still the yellow ring around the light as I was indecisive about our original choice. Steve has since painted it since I'm sold on our choice now.

This is the alcove that will receive built in bookshelves. Steve framed out the right side (you can see it's drywall and not painted) because it wasn't even. One side was slightly higher than the other and we both knew it would drive us crazy if we didn't just fix it now.

And looking back at the other side of the room, a closet that has oodles of storage and is currently holding every single thing that I couldn’t stand to look at one moment longer in our bedroom. 

This is the only picture I have of the playroom. You can see the green paint clearly! Everything still has to be removed from here but for now the other room is the priority. At least the new door is hung.

Exciting times!

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