Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Moxie's One Year Pictures

We had family pictures taken with each child in the spring following their one year birthdays. We used one of our favorite photographers, Katie McMenamin, and I had planned to continue that tradition this year.

I forged ahead in my tradition and made plans for this spring to have our family pictures taken again. It wasn't until Steve talked some sense into me that I realized it would be much more practical (and economical) to take family pictures after Ferris arrived.

Undeterred, I still wanted to get some pictures of Moxie that were special and captured her in the spring following her one year birthday, just as I had with our other children. The weather was gorgeous yesterday and so I capitalized on the sunshine and we went to the local park for some personality shots. My Moxie did not disappoint. I also got a few sister shots in there, too. 

My girls.

Moxie at One Year Old (but really 15 months old)

And we have a familial love of Salt Waters. Summer is coming!

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