Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The big reveal.....and name choice.

Birthday party summations are interrupted to bring to you the exciting news of our recent anatomy ultrasound, yes the gender ultrasound.

Last week we set eyes on our littlest Longenecker and as was to be expected, were again struck with awe and wonder at the handiwork of God’s mighty hand. Our baby was waving, kicking, testing their fingers, playing peek-a-boo, and even taking a moment to ponder life with hand tucked under chin in deep thought. It was phenomenal.

We did find out the gender at our ultrasound but chose to keep it to ourselves until we could be with (most) of our family that coming weekend for Cutter & Scout’s birthday celebration. Yes, another birthday party. I will admit that it was quite difficult for me to keep that gender a secret for nearly three days, but it was a sweet time for Steve and I to relish in our shared knowledge. 

To share the news with our family we filled black balloons with colored confetti and then had the kids each take a turn with a (plastic) dart to try and pop them. Not surprisingly, their brute strength did much of nothing to the balloons, and it was turned over to the adults. After a few misfires and rebounds, there was the shining moment; Steve threw the dart and blue confetti fell to the ground! It’s a boy!

We so enjoyed sharing that moment with everyone there, and the reality of a little boy set in. Cutter didn’t digest the news right away as quite a bit was going on, and let’s be honest, he was more concerned with his birthday cake, but later that evening he was ever the proud little man; he was having a brother.

Now, of course, you want to know the name.

You know by now that I try, to no avail, to have some sort of say in the naming of our children. This child is no different and my husband proffered the name after our ultrasound along with a couple others. After the reveal and having it be official, I really wanted to settle on the name and so we narrowed it down that evening and easily came to our decision.

Our son’s name will be Ferris.

Of Irish origin and meaning rock, he will compliment his brother and sisters well.

We can’t wait to meet you Ferris!

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