Friday, July 11, 2014

...Birds Chirping


I didn't intend for two months to elapse with nary a post to be seen. 

All the same, life has continued in the forward fashion, and much has happened in our little family. Not the least of which is the shocking news that my youngest child will be six months old in just 8 days. One half of a year with her intoxicating smile at the ready, her belly laughs and wispy curls growing deeper and more pronounced. She's eating food now - real food - which means she isn't so much an infant anymore. *sigh*

Renovating and other home projects have been the method of madness to welcome this summer, followed in close pursuit by travels here and there. School finished for Cutter and we haven't stopped since, literally going on the first of our travels directly from his end of the year program. Home updates are squeezed in at night and the rare weekend at home. I fear September will come knocking before I have a chance to embrace the summer for its relaxed and carefree reputation. I haven't become acquainted with such a release as of yet. I think it's all a ruse, to be frank.

The last few months in picture form...



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