Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Living Room Update

Remember this measly decorating update way back when? I have not properly addressed any of the changes and overhauls that we have accomplished in any of the house, least of which the living room. Considering we are about to undertake a few more, a proper documentation is due. Some of these pictures are from quite some time ago, as you'll see.

This wreath is a personal favorite and an incredible steal. It's actually a Christmas wreath from Land of Nod that I got on super clearance after the season. It hangs in our window even now as, no surprise, the color makes me happy.

For starters, the updated gallery wall. Spray-painted some frames, added some more, and switched out some prints.

The curtains, a DIY project that I was mighty proud to accomplish. The yellow door. Do I need to explain that one? My husband is awesomesauce with a capital A. 

Updated lighting fixture. We removed the dated ceiling fan and replaced it with a repurposed chandelier. My father is an electrician and he had this extra one at his shop. Steve indulged my color-starved self again and it received a nice coating of spray paint to add some pop to the room.

The rugs. Found on RugsUSA and purchased on Black Friday at a deep discount.

We moved the couch back to the middle of the room to help create two separate spaces; living/TV and play/work. While we toyed with moving the shelves to the wall that the TV and dresser are currently, the cables and wires that would need to be run really just made that move prohibitive so we accepted the current layout. I’d like to paint the brown shelves white eventually with a paper backing. Similar to this.

Keeping it real here with an everyday shot, giving you some perspective on the room's set-up. 

The room is constantly changing, as it reflects our constantly changing needs. I prefer it’s fluidity over a fixed d├ęcor as I find that’s really what our family personality exudes anyway. I like my classics and staples but enjoy mixing in some current trends to keep things fresh and exciting. I still have a number of projects I’d like to tackle in the room, and they are on the time line, just a bit further down the road.

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