Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day::Birthday Party

Last weekend we hosted a Valentine’s Day Birthday Party in honor of my February babies. My affinity for a top quality party is certainly no secret (the planning and execution therein) and this one was nothing stellar given the advent of our recent addition, but it was successful and appreciated all the same.

A joint party was the best option given the proximity of their birthdays and the level to which my oldest desired to celebrate. We had a small gathering (and yes, I deem it small) of some of his and her friends and their families, with our own family rounding out the guest list.

I’m a sucker for most holidays but Valentine’s Day is one of my favorites to celebrate. I do attribute this wholeheartedly to my employment of nearly six years at the greeting card giant, Hallmark. An excuse to have an actual Valentine’s Day party was practically divine intervention. Embracing the theme early, I bought all of the paper goods on clearance at Target after Christmas and crafted to my heart’s content up until the arrival of Miss Moxie.

Like any sleep-deprived mother of a newborn I altogether forgot to videotape any of the birthday singing (which happened twice, once for each child – giving me two chances to redeem myself and failing miserably at both) or any of the gift opening. It was boisterous and Cutter milked it for all it was worth, I assure you, while Scout sat beaming from ear to ear as the center of attention albeit if only for the mere thirty seconds of the coveted birthday rendition.

They were feted in the most glamorous of styles and hearts and it was a fitting celebration for the two loves in my life.

Who doesn't love dessert? Always a top focus of mine, indeed. I cut a lot of corners to save on the limited time I had but each of the kids had their own cake to blow out a candle, and I refused to skimp on the cupcakes and made those again with this recipe. I cannot get enough of that frosting. Sakes alive it is divine. 

I made the chocolate covered pretzels and happily remembered that I had a heart plate sitting in the cupboard just waiting to be used.

Monogram adorned cakes (purchased from Wegman's) and heart shaped cookies, conversation hearts, m&m's and coconut macaroons rounded out the dessert offering.

I made the fabric garland in early December and the tissue garland the week or so before Moxie arrived. The invitation was designed by my dear friend and set the tone for the rest of the party decor. 

Flowers are my love language and I love any excuse to use them in decor, especially that of a party. Pink, white, and red tulips screamed spring to me - and I need as much encouraging that spring is on its way as I can get these days. *OVER WINTER* Baby pictures of the kids made my heart pitter patter in disbelief of their increasing ages. Thank goodness Moxie was around to squeeze and inhale her baby sweetness.

The living room, the standard Valentine's Day decor - because yes, I love to decorate for Valentine's Day regardless of a party or not.

Singing Happy Birthday to Scout, the happiest little girl on the planet as the center of attention. 

The cheese on this face was unreal as he repeatedly blew out the candle as we sang to him and his Daddy repeatedly re-lit said candle. It's the little things in a four year-old boy's life.

Entirely unplanned but they both dug in - face first - and enjoyed their cake in the best way possible. Who was I to discourage the slovenly antics of my already sugared up babes?

To February - and to sugar!

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