Sunday, February 9, 2014


A friend came by with dinner the other day (friends are the best thing ever incidentally -- they bring you meals, they pray for you, they talk about adult things and tell you how pretty you look -- I love them) and Cutter was awake and with me when she came in. She casually asked, "Oh, are the girls in bed?" and I quickly responded "Yes! Both napping!" We chatted and then she went on her way.

As I was putting the food in the fridge I couldn't help but smile as I realized that I had girls. Plural. More than one girl. Cue giddy laughs to myself.


Really there isn't a better gift I feel I could have given to Scout, and therefore Moxie. Having a sister is special. There's a bond that runs so deep in those bloodlines it's undeniable, no matter how often the sibling tiffs and spats occur - and I mean well into adulthood - speaking from experience of course.

I brought Moxie in with me today to wake Scout from her nap. She was sitting up in her bed reading when I went in, and her first exclamation was "Mommy?" She can't see me when I open the door just based on where her bed is in the room. I walked over to turn on the lamp and then heard, "Moxie!" She had seen her sister and the joy in her voice was palpable. She ran right over and giggled and yelled "Moxie!" again. She gave her a hug and a kiss and the love between the two of them was all that a mother wants to see in her children and then some. Heart melting, indeed.

Sisters, so sweet.


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