Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Moxie's Little Space

I promised a view of Moxie’s space in our room. To be sure, it is practical. 

I tried to incorporate life lessons from the prior two experiences to make this one a bit smoother.

For starters, we moved the unit that Steve built for Cutter into our room. It not only freed up space in the kid’s room, but afforded me the opportunity to fully utilize both the storage and the height of the specialized furniture. I’m a short girl and the level of this changing pad (changing top made by Steve as well) is perfect for me to change the baby in the night. 

Lesson learned with Scout.

The diapers, wipes, hats, socks, and tights are all in the drawers within easy reach. The baskets are full of her clothes up to three months in size, and one is full of baby toys; rattles, cloth books, soft animals, and the like. Only one chalkboard label remains from the pulling and tugging of two children over four years time. I have them all set aside to be re-affixed, though that would be nonsensical at this point. The basket on the floor holds the blankets – condensed from the prior two children’s life experiences to yield the remaining usable pretties with a few new ones for Moxie’s sake. The thicker floor blankets are under her crib in her room. 

Her hair bows are in a glass gallon jar, the same as Scout’s.  

The cradle was one of our favored purchases with Cutter and has served us well. It is set up with the new bedding (purchased with Scout) at the foot of our bed. I’ll bring out the sound machine and swaddles when she is actually here. Rest assured that will be a constant again.

This time I set up a nursing area for me in the room, I have no idea why it took me three children to get to this point. I put a table next to the chair and put a thrifted light that I spray painted along with a basket of nursing pads. Somehow with the other two I never had them nearby and it was always frustrating. I filled the drawers with burp cloths and extra nursing pads – if past experience duplicates, I will need more than one burp cloth at each feeding. With both kids we kept them with us for about 8 weeks before moving them into the nursery. That is the plan for this one, too, however crazy it may sound.

Side note: I am ridiculously excited to use my new bobby cover from Ivie Baby. As soon as I found out what we were having it was one of the first purchases I made to update for this baby. And that would also be the one thing that I did not take a picture of. You’ll see it in action soon, I promise.

Or at least I hope so.

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Brittany said...

Lovely to hear some of your tips...must let me know about the quality of the boppy cover as there are some REALLY cute ones on there. I'm sure they aren't the same as yours, as I doubt you're having arrows with Moxie, but nonetheless :-)

Also, I can only assume from this post that you utilize your proper changing area a lot? Several people have told me they never used their changing area (I guess used the floor/bed etc with a mat...or maybe they just never changed their babies. I don't know)...so I've been going back and forth on whether it's a necessity. We MAY have sorted housing that will afford us an extra nook, not a room persay, but enough that I can even contemplate this as our current situation is an absolute no to anything more than a mat on a bed!

GOOD Luck today...or however long it takes ;-)