Thursday, January 2, 2014

Kid's Room Update

Aside from other home projects that we’ve been working on as time allows, I’ve been using my time to update the nursery and the kid’s room in preparation for Moxie’s arrival. The biggest change we made was moving Scout from the crib to the bed so that we could have the crib ready for Moxie. Just as with Cutter, my anxiety surrounding the move was gratuitous at best, and in the end she made the transition seamlessly save for a few trips out of her bed and subsequent correction. The novelty of freedom wore off almost immediately.

In the fall I made pillows to update the bedding for the kids, and then searched for crib bedding to coordinate. I kept the bumper and skirt (because I love them) and just changed out the sheet.

Steve set up the bed for Scout (which was Cutter’s) and we rearranged the room so that the kids are all on one side together with the dresser in between them, and the nursery remains in the front side so it’s easiest for me to get in and out for nighttime feedings.

I made a banner with the fabric scraps from the pillows, and the monogram pillows have completed a vision I’ve had for the room for quite some time. The color infusion brings a much needed punch to the room and will grow with the kids. 

For fun I added ribbons to the paper lanterns and of course, pom-pom garland to the mirror on the dresser. I can’t quite let the obsession go.

When Moxie is born she’ll spend the first few months in our room, so I’ve set up a little area for her in there. I’ll share that later this week.

They’re small updates but they have a large visual impact which I am loving.

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