Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Farm Sandwich v.2.0

This pregnancy, as with all of my others, has proven to be demanding in the culinary sense. I (praise be to God) do not experience morning sickness aside from an initial bout of nausea, that is my clue that I may indeed by gestating something in that there uterus of mine.

No, instead, food becomes my focus; my drive, my indulgence, my daily bread so to speak. I don't have cravings to speak of, but rather specific immediate wants that once satisfied usually disappear for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Thus far, since discovering baby number four had indeed taken up residence inside of me, it has run the gamut from strawberry ice cream, blue icees, lemonade, lo mein from Wabi Sabi, lucky charms, and cucumbers, to sausage sandwiches from Wawa, asparagus, and chipped ham. 

Without fail I do crave clean foods - fresh foods - which summer supplies in abundance. I also don't normally follow a meal schedule unless I am pregnant. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are calculated with multiple snacks in between.

I love food.

One of my yearnings as it were, has been a derivation of a family favorite from my husband's clan; the farm sandwich. Simply put, toasted bread with sliced tomatoes and cheese broiled in the oven. Yum.

I've been putting a spin on it to incorporate a bit more satisfaction and actually found this post to be a great springboard. Today I layered hummus, sliced cucumbers, and sliced tomatoes on whole wheat bread, topped with mozzarella cheese and freshly grated black pepper. I broiled until the cheese melted and enjoyed every last crumb. If I had had some avocado I would have added it on, but I haven't made it to the market this week. 

Lunch for pregnant Lauren. Done.

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