Friday, May 17, 2013

Puppy: Hanging on by a thread

Tragically, Cutter’s beloved puppy has been the victim of another cannibalistic ‘dog-on-dog’ attack. Donovan (Bubba to his inner circle) seems to have procured the attack while all humans were absent from the home, thereby giving him free access to taunt the hardly stuffed animal to his heart’s content. Upon our arrival home, the discovery was made, and immediate tears and wails of utter despair were all that one could hear. It was a sad, sad day in the Longenecker household; I assure you.

Dr. Mimi was able to rush puppy into emergency surgery thereby recouping his amputated foot and derrière. Hardly noticeable to the adult eyes at the time, puppy’s tag was mysteriously missing. It was not until nap time (the best time to discover such a thing) that the errant tag was noticed thereby making a successful nap altogether insufferable on all accounts.

“Oth-y puppy” valiantly stepped to the plate and offered a transplant; his own tag to replace that of puppy’s. It was determined this was not a match, and therefore would not be allowed for medical reasons unclear to the operating staff. 

Puppy bears many wounds and scars from his years of bullying from Bubba.
Rest assured, he has been warned of any future cannibalistic attempts.
For now, Cutter grasps tenably to what is left of puppy.

Lord, help me when he (inevitably) succumbs to the appetite of that dog!
**Finally able to upload pictures to Blogger.

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