Monday, May 13, 2013

Chick Update

Our chicks are growing and changing daily, so much so that they have lost their 'chickness' in appearance and have really begun to resemble the adult chickens that will give us those delicious brown eggs that we are eagerly anticipating.

Cutter continues to help in caring for them, the past few times I have let him carry the fresh water to their bin. He doesn't ask about them quite as frequently, but I was impressed at the length of the novelty at first. A few days of continued interest led me to believe he was invested in these chicks, and for heaven's sake I better deliver on their care!

They are nearing full capacity in their current living quarters, but are not quite ready to brave the out of doors yet. I will probably move them up one more time in a larger container inside, and then after adjusting to the next temperature downgrade, move them to the inside of the hen house for the next transition. With no older chickens to assert a pecking order over them, they are in an expedited care plan to get them out of the house.  

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