Friday, March 22, 2013

We are never, ever, ever getting back together...

This has been a rough few weeks for us Longenecker’s. Beginning with Scout’s viral fever, on her birthday no less, a tidal wave of sickness was triggered that seemingly has had no end in sight. I’m thankful that none of us have been terribly ill, but it has been enough to cause disruption to our schedule and overall aggravation at the seemingly constant presence of snot, tissues, and other such accoutrements in our home.

All four of us have been battling some sort of cold or upper respiratory ‘thing’ over the last four weeks, and because I enjoy a good drama, this week held the trifecta. We experienced my kidney stone fiasco, an upper respiratory bout that has morphed into laryngitis (and eliciting defiant whispers on my part), and the penultimate; a stomach bug that ravaged Cutter the other night. 

We’re going on two days of good health here, which I am claiming as the official end of winter/flu season. 

Sickness, you are not welcome here.

No Vacancy at the Longenecker Inn.

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