Friday, March 8, 2013


We have officially reached the age of "Look at me, Mom - Mom, look at me!" 

While Cutter has always been proud and eager to share his achievements with those surrounding him, it would seem that as we turned the page to three his self indulging sin nature has exhibited itself in full force. Narcissistic, proud, selfish; need I go on? He's a three year-old to the core.

As such, I am made privy to each and every exciting discovery that of course only pertains to himself, including those of the bodily type. 

There are indeed many endearing moments that I entrust to my psyche and tally on the My Child is Smarter Than Yours list. 

I jest, I promise. 
Allow me to indulge:

-Loop de loops, yes he can do loop de loops. Do I know what this means? No, but he can do it all the same.

-Spin around. As in, "Look at me, Mom, I'm spinning around!" Yes, you are dear.
-Bending appendages. This is riveting I tell you.
-Racing cars.
-Running really fast, with his really fast shoes on. 
-Relieving himself. Favorites include, "Look at all that pee-pee!"
-Jumping. He's a young Michael Jordan, according to his proclamations of altitude.
-Tongue and lip formations. Indeed, this is a show stopper.

He warms my heart in so many ways. I've enjoyed adding these accomplishments to that burgeoning list. 

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