Sunday, March 3, 2013

Scout's Party Details

As I made slight mention to in her party post, I kind of…sort of…totally planned this thing out to my heart’s content. I simply cannot allow such an opportunity to evade my ever-loving planning mind. My apologies in advance.

The theme morphed over time, beginning as a Shabby Chic tribute, evolving into a dainty lace and ruffled tea, and landing at the final soiree of glittered elegance, as I like to refer to it. The primary reason for the transformation; the abundance of gold glittered sundries, et al that I found on clearance (read: practically free) at Michael’s and Target after Christmas.

I spent embarrassingly small amounts of money on her decorations and they exuded the feminine pizazz and panache I was craving with incredibly perfect detail. Even the plates and napkins were secured from a 90% clearance bin from Target. This is where it pays to plan ahead. Her outfit also secured the deal. She received it as a gift for Christmas (from baby Gap) and it was the perfect gold glitter party dress. Her bow was ordered via Etsy, here. I wanted a bigger bow, but was surprised at the dearth of large, gold bows out there. No sarcasm, there. I completely blanked the day of the party -- I had gold Toms, our gift to her, and forgot them. Imagine them on her feet for my benefit.

Another cost saver: the invitations. I made them myself and they were incredibly simple. I printed them on white card stock and added the ribbon and dollop of lace with some hot glue after the fact. One night of assembling and they were good to go.

I’ve admittedly bin on a pennant and banner binge for quite some time but I just adore their tandem simplicity and playful air. I used Pinterest and my Google Reader to jump start my inspiration, and while reading one of my favorite blogs, Dear Lillie, I happened upon this incredibly simply stated doily banner that I knew I had to emulate. I did both small doily and large doily banners throughout. 

The framed lace was another Pinterest idea that I thought looked pretty, and the glass full of gold balls is actually just a Christmas ornament tie-on. I added her invitation to that frame and displayed it during the party. I used a lace tablecloth on the dining room table and the flowers were the cream of the Post-Valentine’s debauchery of the floral industry. Sadly, there was not much remaining in the white category. I found some hydrangeas that I put on the center of the table. The collage was another aspect I wanted to add for a personalized touch, and went on the advice of my confidant via college and did a simple Picasa edit and collage build. That went home with Grandma to be hung on her wall.

I adore the look of ribbon garland but didn’t want it to overtake the understated elegance of the party so I made two simple garlands for the two mirrors in the house, and adorned them each with a festive gold accent. I have no pictures of those. You can take my word for it, they were darling.

The food was another element that we kept simple. We intentionally had an earlier party due to the nap times of not only our kids, but the families of those we invited. A glorified tea brunch menu; egg salad, tuna salad, or chicken salad on croissants or bagels; orzo salad, a veggie assortment, and some fruit, cheese and crackers. For drinks, I served an amazing punch that I crave at every party I host, bottled water (dressed in gold duct tape), milk, and beer. 

Dessert was my true focus.

I adore presentation and I enjoyed this the most (admittedly it is a bit embarrassing the height of which it thrills me). Powdered donuts displayed in my trifle bowl with some glittered hearts to add some panache, pizzelles (to bring in the element of lace), coconut macaroons, homemade cupcakes (iced with this tutorial and amazing homemade icing via here), and the penultimate: Scout’s smash cake. 

A friend agreed to make her cake, and it was divine. I shared a few pictures that inspired me and this towering masterpiece solidified the party’s theme; rock solid. I had made the crown for her back in January based on this helpful tutorial, and in fact Cutter came away with one too (a bit more masculine-looking), as he enjoyed being "The King" so much. Scout wore it after we sang 'Happy Birthday,' to her, as she determined whether or not she should eat the iced confection in front of her. I wanted cupcake toppers and my other confidant via college created the printables which I cut out and taped (washi tape is amazing) to lollipop sticks, and then stuck into the cupcakes.

The sentimental side of me broke through as we decided last minute to have a coffee and tea station set up, using the cups and saucers from my bridal shower tea. You bet that element wasn’t lost on this emotional sap. Though I truly did pity the poor men as they pinched their fingers through the tiny handles to drink their mere sips of coffee, it was a sight that warmed my heart immensely. The details were estrogen-infused, I apologize.

Our favor was a super bouncy ball, in gold flecks no less, which I displayed in my glass cookie jar and labeled with another printable from my friend, “Have a Ball.” Alas, no pictures of that small detail either (where was my head in all this)?!

I had made a short video of her first year (mother’s guilt: I had done so for Cutter so I wanted to provide the same for her) and we showed it during the party but didn’t make it a ‘must-see’ event. It worked best that way with our flow of traffic and the amazing number of children under five that we could fit in our living room that day.

I was thrilled at the presentation and the extreme ease at which the party came together. It was almost effortless, but I will admit much of that is because I just had so much fun preparing it all. 

She rang in her first year with glittered elegance to be sure! 

Happy First Birthday, my Scout Everly.


Darcy Veneziale said...

A beautiful party. You never disappoint with a strong theme and decor!

Sobie said...

I love this! You did an amazing job on all the decorations., Laur! Every last detail looks so perfect and so happy to see you used the tea set from your shower :)