Wednesday, February 20, 2013

1 Year Old

A soiree was held at our home this past weekend to commemorate the occasion of our youngest child exiting the throes of babydom.

In true form, I had been planning this party for quite some time, the details of which were explicitly spelled out and noted on multiple pieces of paper, boards of Pinterest, and segments of my imagination. 

I’ll do a separate post on the details to follow.

I envisioned a classic, clean, and simple yet sophisticated celebration. I wished for all of our friends and family to be present, and so we endeavored to create said atmosphere.

We had a lunch at our home attended by many, many (upwards of sixty) of the people who have prayed for her, supported her, and loved her in this past year. She is blessed beyond measure, as are we, by the many relationships that have proven lasting over the years. I was beside myself with excitement at the presence of my college friends, as well as the presence of our church body, and our family. They were a huge encouragement to us in the past year as we learned what it meant to be parents to our little girl. 

I most enjoyed preparing the dessert table and presenting it in perfect form for the day. My friend made her smash cake and it was divinely appropriate, consummate crown included, for the Princess herself to consume. When it came time for cake, we set her high chair in the kitchen as we did for Cutter. Tradition runs deep within me, I can’t help it. She seemed to enjoy the rousing voices joined in song, but was cautious as expected when approaching the tower of icing in front of her. Not to be outdone, Cutter joined her and began tasting the side of her cake. It wasn’t long before all the kids were sampling the goodness of her tufted masterpiece and Scout happily obliged.

I had prepared a slideshow as I had with Cutter and we played it for the viewing pleasure of those who so desired to view my masterpiece of hours of editing, file converting, file compression…yes, for just ten minutes of video.

Though she did rest prior to the festivities it was a drain all the same, and by late afternoon she was visibly inclined towards a respite of sorts. After a brief present opening free for-all, I let the guest of honor catch some zzz’s. 

It was a penultimate release to months of planning that truly made the occasion special beyond measure. I know that many find it inane for such a tribute but believe me when I tell you, this is what makes me tick and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  

We ushered in her first birthday in prim and proper form, dainty wisp of a thing though she is not. Now that she has had a few more weeks to gain her footing, she’s been happily belly-bumping her brother onto the floor and sitting on him. 

Ah, sibling love.

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Darcy Veneziale said...

It was a beautiful party (loved the decor) filled with love! Thank you for inviting me and allowing me to be a part of Scout's First Birthday Celebration.